Why The House System


The Houses of Mirror Lakes Elementary exist to promote a safe and positive learning environment, focused engagement, collaboration, and student-centered learning. We strive to build a community of dedicated citizens who show passion for their achievements.



While the house system’s roots can be traced back to English boarding schools, the concept began to spill over to English comprehensive and American schools in the 20th century.  The house system has experienced a renaissance within the past couple decades, thanks in part to the popularity of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.

At Mirror Lakes Elementary, our house system is all about culture.  According to Dr. Kent Peterson, school culture is the “set of norms, values and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, symbols and stories that make up the ‘persona’ of the school.”  It is our desire to nourish and sustain a school culture that extends through our students and staff to our families and the community we serve to develop within our school a sense of belonging, responsibility, respect, and pride.  Our houses create for students opportunities for leadership, mentoring, service, and competition through academics and activities.

Our houses are named for five Latin words that are embedded within the foundation and culture of the school:

Kind (Amandi) 
Wisdom (Sapientia) 
Respectful (Quantum) 
Responsible (Officum)
Positive (Positivum)


House points are earned on behalf of individual students and credited to their respective houses. Points are earned through three categories: Attendance, Behavior, and Classroom Success. House points are tracked using Liveschool.

Points are earned each day for coming to school on time and ready to learn. Coming to school on time is essential to achieving high levels of academic success.

Points are earned for coming to school on-time. Points are also earned for Class Perfect Attendance. Points may also be earned through Attendance House Challenges.

Points are earned each day based on students’ adherence to the Mirror Lakes Elementary P.A.W.S. expectations. Positive student behavior is an expectation at Mirror Lakes Elementary.

Points are earned for engaging in positive student behavior and can be awarded to students by all staff at the school. Points can be earned outside of the classroom throughout the school in various areas (e.g. cafeteria, recess, Specials, on the bus, etc.…).

P- Positive Attitude

A- Act with Kindness and Respect

W- Work Together

S- Stay Safe

Classroom Success 
Pointsare earned for academic achievement. Students at Mirror Lakes are expected to perform at high levels academically in order to be College and Career Ready later in life.

Excellence is an Expectation
Points are earned for engaging in demonstrating academic excellence. Points can also be earned by earning high scores on assessments, earning AR points, and by participating in various Academic House Challenges.



We strive to teach our students that competition can be healthy.  By showing humility in victory as well as grace in defeat we acknowledge that our skills and talents are unique gifts. Additionally, competition can drive us to excellence, soften our pride, and create fun, lasting memories.



While we’re all about some Harry Potter, we remind our students that Mirror Lakes Elementary is not Hogwarts.  You’ll not find wizards, nor witches, and we don’t play quidditch.  More importantly, we don’t have enemies and all our houses strive to engage in healthy, competition with camaraderie.  


We strive for unity as we are first one school, then five houses.